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November 13, 2018

Top 10 Quotes By Stan Lee : 2018

by Abhi Sharma in Uncategorized

Howdy I Am Ravi Sharma Today I Going To Write About Stan Lee ( Inspiration Quotes By Stan Lee ) So Let’s Start The Topic.

Stan Lee Is A Famous Marvel Comics Superhero Died Monday At Age 95 Year Old.

He Suffering Serve illness From long Time ( Vision Issues & Pneumonia ) So He Dead Monday, Today I Am Showing Stan Lee Quotes.

Stan Lee Quotes :

  • 10. You know, my motto is ‘Excelsior.’ That’s an old word that means ‘upward and onward to greater glory.’ It’s on the seal of the state of New York. Keep moving forward, and if it’s time to go, it’s time. Nothing lasts forever.” – Stan Lee

  • 9. I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic-book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize: entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you’re able to entertain people, you’re doing a good thing.” – Stan Lee

  • 8. Life is never completely without its challenges.” – Stan Lee

  • 7. I wanted them to be diverse. The whole underlying principle of the X-Men was to try to be an anti-bigotry story to show there’s good in every person.” – Stan Lee

  • 6. Everybody has Doctor Doom misunderstood. Everybody thinks he’s a criminal, but all he wants is to rule the world. Now, if you really think about it objectively, you could walk up to a policeman, and you could say, ‘Excuse me, officer, I want to tell you something: I want to rule the world.’ He can’t arrest you; it’s not a crime to want to rule the world. So […] it’s unfair that he’s considered a villain, because he just wants to rule the world. Then maybe he could do a better job of it. So I’m very interested in Doctor Doom, and I’d like to clear his name.”– Stan Lee

  • 5. The more you read, the better you’re going to become as a storyteller.” – Stan Lee

  • 4. Most people say, “I can’t wait to retire so I can play golf,” or go yachting or whatever they do. Well, if I was playing golf, I would want that to finish so I could go and dream up a new TV show.” – Stan Lee

  • 3. I don’t know where the hell I’ll be in five years. Maybe I’ll be producing movies maybe I’ll be on a corner selling apples. I don’t know, but I’m having a hell of a lot of fun.” – Stan Lee

  • 2. Signing off his column “Excelsior!” he was just as good at crafting a phrase as he was a piece of art or story – Stan Lee

  • 1. I don’t think you ever outgrow your love for things that are bigger than life and more colorful than the average life. And somehow I feel that these comic book stories are like fairy tales for older people, because they have the same qualities.

Conclusion :

Here You Read Top 10 Quotes Of Stan Lee.
I Hope You Like Stan Lee Quotes & Enjoy This Episode.

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